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What is the truest and most beautiful life you can imagine for yourself today?

I am so grateful for what I have; for my family’s health and happiness, for my son, and for my marriage. My marriage is the best thing that has happened to me besides the birth of my son and the news that another baby is on the way. I don’t know if I could find this much joy, comfort, strength, and confidence in my life without my wonderful marriage to Eric. We ebb and flow so well. If my husband has a hard day, I show up for him in small ways and when I need it he does the same for me. I could talk to him forever about anything. The sound of his laugh makes me smile from my belly and I go out of my way to hear it. Again, I am so grateful. I have a relationship that challenges me to grow and comforts me at the same time.

That which is just “not right” so far is my job, my career, my calling, my purpose. The truest and most beautiful career I can imagine is one where I am able to be creative. I work to build and create things that people will enjoy. I spend a significant amount of time learning as well as teaching (or writing as a form of sharing my knowledge). I am able to bring my kids around to show them hard work, creativity, and how to find joy in what you do. I am able to collaborate with my husband and share highs and lows with him.

If I can imagine this, I can plan it.

If I can plan it, I can write it down.

If I can write it down, I can bring it to life.

Interested in the psychology of human behavior, the dynamics within a relationship & how not to mess up this parenting thing.

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