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It all started a few years ago with my first few months of therapy. These revelations have been difficult to process while remaining in a close relationship with my parents, who have no idea what I am experiencing. I don’t believe they deserve to be admonished for making parenting mistakes, but I can’t shake this feeling of resentment. Am I a bad daughter?

Modern psychologists have introduced me to the concept of re-parenting, defined as the act of giving yourself what you did not receive in childhood. What’s interesting is identifying the things I didn’t know I was missing, processing…

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What is the truest and most beautiful life you can imagine for yourself today?

I just reread Untamed by Glennon Doyle for the third time. This time bouncing around to my favorite chapters. She inspires me to identify the things I am grateful for and to acknowledge my gut feeling on what is just “not right”.

I am so grateful for what I have; for my family’s health and happiness, for my son, and for my marriage. My marriage is the best thing that has happened to me besides the birth of my son and the news that another baby is on the way. I don’t know if I could find this much joy…

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“What should I wear?”

“How much should I offer as a gift?”

“May I bring a date… or my child?”

Etiquette is often thought of as the guests’ responsibility to the couple but you only have to attend one poorly planned wedding to realize the couple has a responsibility to the guests as well.

Wedding guests often leave an event with an opinion that they will heartily share with their friends. Typically the food, drinks, and music are among the most commented on aspects of the day. …

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Last weekend my one-year-old son was playing with our friends' seven-month-old daughter. It was an innocent encounter. Each child curious about the other and reaching out to touch or exchange words by babbling. During this sweet moment, someone commented that the children were on a date. This was innocuous and meant to be funny, but then the fictional scene was verbally played out by all the adults in the room.

Baby girls father to my son, “We need to talk before you go anywhere with my angel. I’m watching you!” (Stern look)

Female friend to the baby girl, “You better…

Leah Castellazzo

Interested in the psychology of human behavior, the dynamics within a relationship & how not to mess up this parenting thing.

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